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I have something exciting to show you...

Trailing Leaves Outdoor Art Print

We love bringing the indoors, outdoors. Am I right? Of course I am. Outdoor living is a dream. Whether you have a small courtyard / balcony or garden blessed with divided areas, we are always looking around to fill it with things that'll withstand the British summer weather. From extreme heat to unexpected downpours, we are used to the fickle weather. We like to drag cushions, blankets and teepees around - take books out and feel the sun against our skin. Then, when the heavens open we like to head for shade - gazebo or garden building, conservatory or porch. Finding new treasure to enjoy in the summer can be a real let down if it doesn't last.

This year I am introducing new shiny treasure; Artwork that is designed to be durable, vivid and full-waterproof. It'll last, need I say more? Five reasons to consider investing in some art for the garden, here we go:

1) It's entirely unique - no one else is likely to show up for a garden party and not be impressed by your new purchase. Champagne night looks amazing above a hot tub, lobster on the side of a garden office or grey fence. Try the botanicals on old walls surrounded by potted trees and flowers.

2) It's built to withstand the effects of the sun / chemicals in the air so whilst I wouldn't put it in the sunniest spot in the garden as a test, or in extremely salty air (very coastal) we're talking in 'years' before you ever notice a change to the colouration. Similarly it'll last through winter and can stay up all year round. That's pretty good when you consider how long things tend to last now. I can't guarantee how many years it would withstand the extremes I mentioned. But overall, it's a winner.

3) I print to A1 size, but I also bespoke print up to 8 x 4 ft for contemporary projects and commercial spaces. You can have something REALLY unique if you get in touch!

4) No one else is licensed to produce my artwork - when you buy from me, I do a little jig. I also create everything in the UK, source British companies to work with to produce my products.

5) Well-being. Throughout the winter it'll add character to your garden spaces and you can look forward to getting back out to enjoy it once more. Why not hang it above a barbecue area or close to a kitchen window so you can enjoy it any time. You can even hang it in a bath or shower room. The possibilities are worth thinking about.

Fan Palm Outdoor Art Print & Deckchair

To compliment the artwork I have found an amazing deckchair manufacturer to re-create my artwork on these very British garden staples. Wow everyone on the beach this year with a Lobster deckchair - better still take a photo of it and tag me in it on Instagram. I have a vision of an art print with a deck chair either side - personally my eye is on the fan palm! But, take a look today at my Outside Living Page and support British products. We need your help more than ever this summer! Lets hope it's a good one.

Hannah x

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