Your questions answered

I chat to customers often through the website and I thought it was about time I reviewed all the queries I have had recently and create an FAQ post. I've put together a top ten of most frequently asked questions by customers. You can always reach me via the chat box on the website or email:

'' Where is the best place to buy a frame for my new print?''

I have tried a variety of frames, the best ones I have discovered are as follows:

For 61 x 91 cm art prints, I recommend the following styles (all frames are fitted with styrex / acrylic fronts for safety purposes).

XL Skatteby Frame by IKEA to fit 61 x 91 cm print - if out of stock, they are really good at emailing / texting you when you can buy again.

GB Frames: Narrow black / White MDF Frames

For 40 x 50 cm or 50 x 70 cm frames, theres much more choice on the market. As well as the above retailers. In a hurry? Run an Amazon search because as a Prime member you of course benefit from speedy free delivery.

''Can you remove 'The Hambridge Artist' text?''

Yes I can, I am occasionally asked to remove text - sometimes the brand and occasionally all text. I can email a proof on request just to check you are happy with what I arrange to have printed for you. I use a printer in Somerset so if anything requires printing or design, you'll need to allow an extra few days for your order to arrive.