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I chat to customers often through the website and I thought it was about time I reviewed all the queries I have had recently and create an FAQ post. I've put together a top ten of most frequently asked questions by customers. You can always reach me via the chat box on the website or email:

'' Where is the best place to buy a frame for my new print?''

I have tried a variety of frames, the best ones I have discovered are as follows:

For 61 x 91 cm art prints, I recommend the following styles (all frames are fitted with styrex / acrylic fronts for safety purposes).

XL Skatteby Frame by IKEA to fit 61 x 91 cm print - if out of stock, they are really good at emailing / texting you when you can buy again.

GB Frames: Narrow black / White MDF Frames

For 40 x 50 cm or 50 x 70 cm frames, theres much more choice on the market. As well as the above retailers. In a hurry? Run an Amazon search because as a Prime member you of course benefit from speedy free delivery.

''Can you remove 'The Hambridge Artist' text?''

Yes I can, I am occasionally asked to remove text - sometimes the brand and occasionally all text. I can email a proof on request just to check you are happy with what I arrange to have printed for you. I use a printer in Somerset so if anything requires printing or design, you'll need to allow an extra few days for your order to arrive.

''Will my new outdoor art print be ok in the rain / snow etc?''

It won't necessarily last forever, but it will last many years if you are mindful about where you hang it (eg: not in permanent direct sunlight). Overall the answer here is Yes. The outdoor art is designed to be waterproof and fade-resistant. There is every possibility that in salty air (eg close to the beach) that the weathering process will begin sooner. To read more about the Outdoor Art take a look a look at This blog post

''How do I order prints in different sizes than those available to suit a frame I already have?''

If you want to order anything under 40 x 50 cm, unframed you can add the request to resize within the notes. The same applies to anything greater than 40 x 50 cm, but smaller than 50 x 70 cm - order the 50 x 70 cm print, add it into the notes etc etc.

If you want to order a print that is larger than 61 x 91 cm - there will be a cost implication and make sure you email first to check we can print to the size you need it to be - delivery can be an issue too for oversized prints so just get in touch to find out more.

''How long will it take for my art print to arrive?''

Occasionally we manage to get stock out same-day. I do stress this doesn't happen every time! But overall, it's 5 days to process, frame and package before despatch. We use Parcelforce for all deliveries and we pay half the postage cost with you - sometimes more depending on what you order. But your delivery charge remains the same. We will let you know once we have set up your despatch with parcelforce via email so that you can track its progress.

''Do you do commissions?''

No. I am no longer able to commit to commissions unfortunately.

''I want all my prints with the same coloured background. Is this possible?''

Yes. Just add it in to the notes or get in touch with me if you want one of my regular background tones on all prints for consistency if hanging, say, three together..

''Do you just do deckchair slings?''

No, because not all deckchairs are the same size.

''Can you send me something as a 24 hour delivery, or send something direct as a gift?''

Double-check before ordering. I don't carry every print in the drawers in every size - if I have it here I will absolutely get it out to you on a 24 hour courier and we can chat about that using the chat box.

''If I want different coloured backgrounds, do I pay extra?''


I have something exciting to show you...

Trailing Leaves Outdoor Art Print

We love bringing the indoors, outdoors. Am I right? Of course I am. Outdoor living is a dream. Whether you have a small courtyard / balcony or garden blessed with divided areas, we are always looking around to fill it with things that'll withstand the British summer weather. From extreme heat to unexpected downpours, we are used to the fickle weather. We like to drag cushions, blankets and teepees around - take books out and feel the sun against our skin. Then, when the heavens open we like to head for shade - gazebo or garden building, conservatory or porch. Finding new treasure to enjoy in the summer can be a real let down if it doesn't last.

This year I am introducing new shiny treasure; Artwork that is designed to be durable, vivid and full-waterproof. It'll last, need I say more? Five reasons to consider investing in some art for the garden, here we go:

1) It's entirely unique - no one else is likely to show up for a garden party and not be impressed by your new purchase. Champagne night looks amazing above a hot tub, lobster on the side of a garden office or grey fence. Try the botanicals on old walls surrounded by potted trees and flowers.

2) It's built to withstand the effects of the sun / chemicals in the air so whilst I wouldn't put it in the sunniest spot in the garden as a test, or in extremely salty air (very coastal) we're talking in 'years' before you ever notice a change to the colouration. Similarly it'll last through winter and can stay up all year round. That's pretty good when you consider how long things tend to last now. I can't guarantee how many years it would withstand the extremes I mentioned. But overall, it's a winner.

3) I print to A1 size, but I also bespoke print up to 8 x 4 ft for contemporary projects and commercial spaces. You can have something REALLY unique if you get in touch!

4) No one else is licensed to produce my artwork - when you buy from me, I do a little jig. I also create everything in the UK, source British companies to work with to produce my products.

5) Well-being. Throughout the winter it'll add character to your garden spaces and you can look forward to getting back out to enjoy it once more. Why not hang it above a barbecue area or close to a kitchen window so you can enjoy it any time. You can even hang it in a bath or shower room. The possibilities are worth thinking about.

Fan Palm Outdoor Art Print & Deckchair

To compliment the artwork I have found an amazing deckchair manufacturer to re-create my artwork on these very British garden staples. Wow everyone on the beach this year with a Lobster deckchair - better still take a photo of it and tag me in it on Instagram. I have a vision of an art print with a deck chair either side - personally my eye is on the fan palm! But, take a look today at my Outside Living Page and support British products. We need your help more than ever this summer! Lets hope it's a good one.

Hannah x

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

by Hannah Smith

Pic Credit: Tessa Chapman Photography

" I loved the allure of the high street as a teenager. I remember spending time outside of school in the nearest ‘big town’ discovering the enjoyment that perusing shops had to offer. I didn’t have much money (I had a Saturday job in a clothes shop), but part of it was experimenting with freedom; catching a bus or train, socialising a step-up from sitting in the park, grabbing a milkshake and feeling 20 at 15.

As well trying to find a bargain t-shirt in Chelsea Girl or Miss Selfridge, I’d be buying bath pearls in Body Shop (affordable) and of course, poster-trawling in Athena. I used to love thumbing through the (now iconic) photographs they used and deciding which design would best-fit my bedroom walls. I could babble for hours about this era because it really set the tone of adult life for me.

Fast-forward 25 years and here I am creating my own ‘grown-up’ version of the Athena experience I remember in some ways - strong imagery for the walls, priced in a way that is appealing. It's poster-sized independently-produced art. The prints are matt-finish - a heavier GSM, not prone to buckling that you get with a regular thinner poster. They are produced in a way that you get accents of the watercolour paper coming through, it generates an impression of the subject on a strong background.

I try to keep the art in a category of affordable treat. I try to generate designs that role with the seasons and dabble in trends without losing the timeless nature art should offer to you. The very reason for launching the business was that I was not able to afford to buy oversized works of art to fill my walls at home. I like the fact I'm sharing my own inky sketches designed as prints for the home. I started primarily with large pieces because that’s what I wanted myself but I now offer prints in three sizes to suit a range of spaces.

I believe customers should have the option to buy framed or unframed in sizes that fit in readily-available frames off the high street. You should have the flexibility to be thrifty in finding your own frame or have the ‘off-the-shelf’ version if that’s what you’re looking for. In buying from me, you are also helping a British female artist establish in business and it’s a very exciting thing every time someone buys a print from me. Also, the prints are made in Somerset and I’m always finding ways to work with other women in business or British suppliers.

I love to paint, but I love Interiors and presentation just as much. The whole ethos of the business is to fuse traditional painting with contemporary subjects and design. By including the brand on the artwork I think it shows where it has come from. I guess it’s a modern signature and me putting my mark on it but it does have a ripple effect and I have had lots of enquiries from people who’ve seen something of mine at a dinner party in someone else’s home, in a restaurant, hairdressers, florists - it goes on. I like the fact that it’s versatile enough to sit in the home or in a commercial premises.

If a customer wants to go bigger or smaller, or remove some text I always oblige.

That may sound contradictory after explaining the rational behind including my brand on the artwork. But above all, for me, I have learned so much from customers who have a sharp eye for what they’re looking for. I’m always blown away by the results of collaboration between myself and a customer when a photograph arrives of it where they hung it. Even on the occasions I have been skeptical I have always been wrong and loved the end result and seeing their vision in situ.

What am I working on next? Well, more prints in the style of food & drink, but more things that would make wonderful gifts for loved ones - I love the idea of multiple cricket balls or tools for fathers day. Something cracking for summertime that would make a great wedding pressie. More of the finer things I introduced in 2021 to compliment Oysters, Champagne and Lobsters. I definitely have a few other surprises up my sleeve that will be revealed too".


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